Could Email Be The Most Powerful Marketing Medium?

September 7, 2018


This is the conclusion of Borrell Associates annual survey of small businesses (SMBs) across the country.  They have conducted this survey every year since 2009 to see where SMBs invest their advertising dollars.  For email marketing there were 2,212 respondents with more than 56% having revenues of $1 million or more annually and 1/3 with revenue more than $5 million a year.  



Only 4% of the businesses surveyed reported they would cut back on their email advertising spending in the coming year.  Half said they would continue at about the same rate while 46% said they would increase their expenditures on email marketing.  More than 38% of local ad agencies reported email as having a VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT return on investment.  This ranked well ahead of radio with 26% saying it was VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT for ROI.  


Email marketing came in as the 3rd favorite marketing choice among all businesses with more than half of them using it.  The perception among advertisers is that it is a low-cost medium combined with high ROI making it a powerful choice for SMBs.  The businesses who use email marketing also tend to be much bigger spenders overall in advertising.  They spend 176% more on radio advertising than SMBs who do not use email marketing.  

Where do clients need help when it comes to email marketing?  First, they are spending 1 to 4 hours to build an email list, write copy & design the ad, send the email and track the results of the campaign.  This is a large investment of time considering nearly 4 of 10 small businesses have an email list with less than 1,000 names on it!  Less than 1 in 5 have an email list with more than 10,000 names.